So the Spring semester has finally finished, and now it’s time to travel! There are activities LINED up for the beau and I, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. If there’s one thing that really tickles me is traveling. The line up you ask? Manhattan, Tallahassee, Miami, Bermduda, and last but not least, London. So basically it’s a new destination once a month for the next five months, just thinking about it gives me the butterflies. On that note, I feel like I’m the only person on planet earth who loves airports?? Something about them is so fascinating. Maybe its’ the fact that all the people I see there are going places all over the world, and that I’ll probably never see any of them again. That being said, I’m an airport outfit planner for SURE. Like I will sit on pinterest for like three weeks just trying to find that perfect airport style.

Let’s face it, I’m no Kylie Jenner, so (despite what I might think) people don’t actually give a shit about who I am or what I’m wearing, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend. I’ve done the whole glamour look in the airport and I’ll be honest, people gave me some WEIRD looks, but I’ve also done the whole “I’m too lazy to wear real clothes so I’m wearing pjs” look but then I just looked like a hobo to be honest..(Some girls pull it off really well and I’m like ????????) I feel like wearing work out clothes like your favorite Nikes and a pair of leggings would work for comfort but what about when you arrive to your destination? No one’s going to believe that you just did some cardio on that two hour flight from Tampa to JFK… Regardless, I’ll keep on the hunt for the perfect travel style!