I can’t even begin to explain the feels I get when I talk about this place! It was beyond what I thought it would be. Duane Park is located on Bowery and Houston in TriBeCa. I’ve never seen a burlesque show so I had no idea what to expect. So we walk into this hole in the wall calling itself Duane Park. It opens up into this beautiful little white room with detailed walls, looking kind of museum-ish with stairs on the far wall and a bar on the other side. We were placed at a (tiny- it’s New York after all) round table and had a look at the menu. Much to my surprise the food was delicious, I thought it would be more about the show than the food. I was so wrong, they were equally as decadent. So we got a bottle of Veuve and enjoyed our appetizers, J got Tuna tartare and I got a watermelon fresco? I think?! Anyways it was an arugula salad and it was DIVINE! Then our entrees came out, I had the special- a parsley topped mahi mahi with served on top of some sort of salmon/spinach cake partty. I was so pleasantly surprised by the food. Then the band came out and the girls started doing their acts.. A lot of titty shaking (literally) and the occasional lap dance/ seductive reach down someone’s blouse (literally). I think the true star of the show was the narrator “sidepiece” as she called herself, Sophia. One swallowed swords, one did a hand stand in some guys crotch- but I swear it was all so tasteful! If you’re ever in the area GO! the food and service was wonderful and the entertainment was off the CHAIIIIN.

Go to Duane Park. Seriously.