Yesterday was another crazy day in this beautiful city. We started off with Sunday Brunch at Clinton Street Baking Company on Houston and Clinton. They’re a very popular brunch restaurant and they’re known for the best pancakes and Benny’s around. So we put our names on the list thinking it wouldn’t be more than 15 minutes since there wasn’t a lot of people standing around waiting… WRONG. “It will be about an hour and a half, we can take your phone number and call you when your table is ready” (that explains why there weren’t so many people standing around..) so we walked past the Williamsburg bridge to an ATM since the place was cash only. All I can say without offending anyone is that the neighborhood got real weird real fast. Anyways we explored for about an hour and 40 minutes and finally our table was ready! We both got the eggs Benedict served over a country style biscuit with a side of hash browns and a side of pickles. They only serve pickles from “The Pickle Guys..” Then we made our next move. We stopped at a convinience store and bought a lock and a sharpie (hmm I wonder what we were planning) and tried to hail a cab..(of course we couldn’t find one just our luck) so we kept walking until we ran into a CitiBike station. J had been dying to do it so I caved (dispite my giant black purse weighing me down) I hoisted my leg over that thing and we rode them around the lower east side. Eventually we found the BK bridge and started riding our bikes up it… Worst idea EVER! there were so many people it was more stressful than anything. (Except a workout.. Much more of one than I would have liked.) but never the less, we finally made it to the top and tagged the infamous Brooklyn Bridge with a lock and threw the key in the Hudson River. It was sweet to say the least. We finally crossed the bridge and met J’s sister on the other side. She brought us to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. When I tell you it didn’t even look like New York I mean it. So clean, not a piece of trash in sight, a soccer field overlooking the Manhattan skyline, it was seriously beautiful. If you’re ever in Brooklyn you have to go. Did I mention that they host an event on Sunday’s called “Smorgasburg” where all these high end restaurants set up tents and are basically street vendors?! It was AWESOME. Then we stopped at a friends apartment for a top secret view of the skyline (literally) on her roof. It was breathtaking. After that we took the F train to 2nd avenue and walked to Halal Guys on 14th and 2nd. If you love Gyros as much as I do, it’s a must. After that we walked back to Stuytown and passed the hell out. Does no ones feet hurt here or do they just get used to it?!

Now we’re off on another adventure this morning!