Morning loves, my trip has finally come to an end- not without almost missing our flight though- and I finally got to just watch tv on the couch until I passed out. But this trip has opened my eyes to some new and old favorite eats in New York. I’ve eaten at all five of these restaurants and I wouldn’t reccomend them if they weren’t amazing. So without further adieu, 

  • Duane Park

Located in TriBeCa on Houston and Bowery, the menu is pretty small but seriously decadent. Don’t let the location fool you! The burlesque show was amazing and hilarious. Definitely the highlight of my trip. 

  • Radegast Beirgarten 

Located in Williamsburg Brooklyn on N 3rd and Berry Street. You can buy up to a liter of beer (for 19$) and it was literally bigger than my head.. They also serve Bratwurst with sauerkraut and fries for $9. The atmosphere is beautiful with a but long beer hall with only picnic benches! 

  • Clinton St. Baking Company

Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Houston and (you guessed it) Clinton. This place is best known for their pancakes and the wait to get inside! It was an hour and a half wait but it was SO worth it. They also have a system where you can give your phone number so you can walk around and explore. They only take cash though! It was so affordable too! 

  • Smorgasburg 

Smorgasburg is held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park but ONLY ON SUNDAYS. Smorgasburg is when all these five star restaurants open up food carts-where else can you get cuisine art tacos for 8$ in NYC? 

  • Eight Turn Crepes

My oldest and favorite spot located on Spring and Mulberry, they make crepes right in front of you and you can do breakfast/lunch/ dessert. I always get a number 1 (two scrambled eggs and then add in bacon and avocado for an extra 2$) and ten they pour some truffle oil on it! It’s quick and easy, 1 crepe is 8$ and then the extra 2$ for add ons- keeping it generally affordable for the girl on the move! 

And not necessarily in that order! I talked about a couple of these in my last few blogs, but they’re amazing. 

If you’re planning a trip to New York take note of these places!!!