So I was a hair model for a celebrity hair stylist Candy Shaw who specializes in Balayage. She is touring the U.S.  showing her new line of products called the “Balay Box.” Anyways I was selected to model for her without knowing what they were going to do to my hair. They informed me that it would be the hottest new color of 2016 and that I would be ahead of the trend. {prequel- I got my nails done yesterday and the color was  called ‘eternal optimist’ so I felt like it was a precursor for the event!} Anyways I kept that mindset through out the day and decided to let them do whatever they wanted with my hair. Surprisingly enough I wasn’t mad or sad that I went from bleach blonde to pink hair. Actually when they took the towel off and laughed in the mirror and said “hey I have pink hair!” I had the most amazingly talented people glamming me up for the event, and it was such a wonderful experience! So basically I have a beautiful pink balayage (which I would NEVER in a million years do by myself) but I actually love it! A little change never hurt anyone anyways. 


Eternal Optimist