I grew up literally hating my skin, not because I have acne or any horrifying skin issues. I have freckles. Every where, all over my body.. In fact the majority of my “tan” is made of those freaking tiny little dots. All I ever wanted was that perfect brown olive smooth tanned skin- the kind of skin that doesn’t burn- but instead I was given the opposite. Throughout all the latest beauty trends everyone wears the heaviest/full coverage foundation they own alongside powder, contour and blush (or maybe it’s just me) but all of the makeup essentially hides my true skin. It had gotten to a point where I didn’t wear makeup to work one day and a coworker of mine said “I didn’t even realize you had freckles Eden.” Scary.

  I recently read an article about freckles, and it kind of made me feel stupid for trying to hide my own freckles for so long. It wasn’t bashing people without freckles or anything but it did make me feel beautiful, and comfortable enough to lighten up on my foundation. (I envy the girls who look the same with/without makeup because Im basically UN recognizable.) With such light features (light eye lashes, eyebrows and naturally flushed skin) it’s easy to throw people off when I opt for the no makeup look. 

Anyways I started doing my makeup to show off my freckles, and here’s what I do:

  1. L’Oreal Paris True Match concealer (T zone only)
  2. Rimmel Light Bronzing Powder (a compact bronzer)
  3. MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in “Light Plus
  4. MAC Pro Longwear blush in “Blush All Day”

With those four quick steps, it’s an easy way to put together a light, natural and beautiful day time look!