So we have been so slammed I haven’t even been able to keep it updated! We arrived in Miami on Friday and set up our show room which is a beautiful suite right on the water, then went to a fashion show wich showcased two pieces of Shore Brand swimwear. Then our whole team went to a group dinner at STK! We pretty much crashed on Friday night because we knew we had an early morning! So yesterday we woke up at 7 to do hair and makeup, and the show room opened up at 9. It was such an amazing expirience! We were literally throwing suit after suit on, and looking pretty! Our suite motto has been “Cookies, Cupcakes&Cocktails” meaning we are serving all of the above to potential buyers! It was definitely a hit and everyone loved us! After we wrapped up at 6 we popped some Rosé for celebration of our first year in whole sale! Then we got all dressed up and went to the One Hotel roof top bar for a quick Disaronno Sour then headed to Luli Fama fashion show! We got asked to sit front row with the designer and asked to pose for the press which was super fun and exciting. We also saw Lisa from Real Housewives of Miami and Tash and Dev from Bikini A Day! Then after e went back to the roof top pool for more drinks for Tori Praver’s after party! We also saw Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter and got a photo with her which was pretty cool. Then we finally made our way to our room and passed out! We woke up this morning had had a delicious room service delivery with eggs and bacon and French press coffee. We were hair and makeup ready by 9 and then jumped into our first suits for the day! Now it’s time to work! 

Keep you updated!