So as I’ve posted about before, Shore flew me out to California to work a swim show last weekend, and I promised I would keep the blog updated but I truly felt the need to just be there in the moment and not get caught up in TOO many social media plateaus. Regardless, it was amazing. We had an 8 am flight out of Tampa and made a stop in Louisiana for a quick 30 minute layover (which easily turns into a 3 minute layover where you find yourself running to the gate only to find out you’ve barely made it onto the plane.) But we made it and got all settled in for about a 5 hour flight to LAX. I slept for the first three hours and finally put on some makeup an hour before we landed (I prefer to fly barefaced because I sleep on planes a lot) which made the time go by pretty fast- but I was getting some pretty odd looks with 20 makeup brushed spread over that stupid fold down tray table.. Anyways the first thing we did after w got our bags was go to Starbucks (duh) and took a drive down the PCH. Needless to say it was beautiful, and I wanted to just jump out of the car and into the ocean.

    We stayed at The Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach which was darling, with giant board games spread throughout the premises as well as bikes and surfboard rentals in the lobby- even a life sized chess board! We had to set up our showroom which took quite some time, but the pacific time was getting to my head so by the time we finished dinner I somehow managed to run the pier. The air pressure is a lot different than sunny Sarasota so my ears and lungs hated me the whole weekend. The next morning my alarm went off at 5 am (PT) and the Shore Girls were up and at em- I ran the beach, some did yoga, and some went to the gym. After hair and makeup we made our way down to the cafe in the lobby and scarfed down some eggs and fruit- only to be whisked away by an uber…it was time for work. I hate to sound obnoxious but standing around in bikinis from 9-6 IS exhausting! So day one of showroom work was down, but we scheduled a photoshoot on the beach so we went from quick changing in a mini closet to quick changing in the….sand…literally. The water was so freaking cold, but regardless it was SO fun! When we finished I had worked hull quite the appetite, so we went to this restaurant called 25Degrees which was a dim, loud and wonderful place..I got a bratwurst which was AMAZE, and the table split some  truffle fries!

    Long story short, we basically did a repeat the next day except we headed to Marina Del Rey and stayed at the Ritz which there was supposedly “no good rooms left” only to be surprised to walk into an executive suite with 2 bottles of champagne waiting for we did what any normal group of women did… Ordered some cookies and Pitch Perfect 2, drank both bottles and passed OUT. 6 am rolled around all too quickly, where we all got up and went to the gym (now that’s dedication right?) after the gym, the whole crew went to Urth Cafe which was TO DIE FOR. I don’t even know what I ordered but I remember it being fantastic. The atmosphere, the people, the food.. Everything was honestly mesmerizing. After brunch we did a quick tour of Venice and Santa Monica, but had to cut the day short because we had a flight to catch… And if you think I wasn’t considering a duck and roll out of the car you are very wrong my friend. The flight back was horrendous because I REALLY didn’t want to leave, but I had to remember “it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.” I cannot wait to go back, but maybe the next time it will be with the love of my life.

    Thank you for being beautiful,’ve stolen my heart



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