There will forever be a feud on wether or not the Kardashian-Jenner’s are relevant, many people hate them, many love them. I personally feel indifferent because they are richer at 17 and 19 than I ever will be in my lifetime so I’m not even worried about it. However, with all the fame and money they have managed to create their own KILLER style, and while I love Kylie’s slutty-esque fashion sense, Kendall’s style just tickles my inner model/mogul.


Kendall pairs the simple jeans& a tee with some sort of boot which dresses it up. Sticking to minimal accessory gives it a realistic- everyday feel.


Kendall clearly favors an off-the shoulder look, she pairs a cute crop with leggings& some sneaks..because gym clothes ARE socially acceptable to wear to brunch okay???



Wether it’s sunny or cold, Kendall styled these fancier looks immaculately, keeping the shoes simple but a funky Celine with the blush jumpsuit gives it a summery feel, the mix between textures as well as the mix between blush& nude &Letting the fur coat be the show stopper in the second look creates a simple yet regal vibe.