I recently had a major beauty haul from Sephora, which was well needed and in some ways well worth it. On one hand, I’m happy that I got to find out exactly what I want and don’t want in my makeup, which is necessary for every woman. On the other hand, I can definitely say- DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON PRODUCT YOU HAVEN’T DONE RESEARCH ON!!

I went into Sephora with my eyes wide and wallet fat, and left thinking I would love love love the products I bought because they’re expensive. That was truly my biggest mistake. Just because it’s a top brand that you’ve heard about doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for your specific needs. I’ve picked my best and worst out of the haul and without further adieu here they are:


Bliss Body Butter- bliss is my all time favorite moisturizer, I actually have all three of the scents in the largest bottles (grapefruit and aloe is my top pick) but needed a travel sized bottle to be able to jam into my makeup bag. The main ingerdient in these moisturizers is coconut oil which makes your skin mega soft. It’s major selling point is that its’ paraben free which means that they’re healthier for your skin. BUY: HERE ($9)

The POREfessional- I fell in love with this product because one, it’s easy to travel with and two, it actually works..crazy right? You only need to squeeze a pea sized amount (if even that) onto your hands and lightly spread onto your problem areas-mine are usually my cheeks and nose- as a primer. BUY: HERE ($31)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit- I never really beleived all the hype in all of the contour kits available until I was prepping for a photoshoot on the beach in California and saw what it did for some of the other girls. Once I saw what it did for me I was sold on it, and it was actually the first product I found in Sephora. I got it in light to medium, and it comes with a six pod pallete, with three shades for contour and three for highlight. It’s basically like a contour ‘for dummies’ but it’s also magicalllllllll. BUY: HERE ($40)

Yves Saint Laurent- I’m not ususally a big fan of lipstick, and especially not red just because I (am human and yes I do have insecurities) don’t like the way it emphasizes my already plump lips,Saint Laurent’s “Le Rouge- blood red” is easy to work with if you use it lightly around your lips (like a liner) and fill in the middle with a lighter color or gloss for a “lip contour.” It makes for an amazing dramatic look. BUY: HERE ($36)


Beauty Blender- There is so much hype about these little cute pods, and I’ve seen so many celebrities endorse it so I snagged one as soon as I could. I absolutely HATE this thing. Maybe it’s a mix between the new foundation I bought (we’ll talk about that in a second) or there’s a scientific way of using this little pink egg, but I would take my stipple brush over the blender any day. I don’t like that you have to wet it, the thought of mold forming on it overnight and then wiping it all over my face the next day is really unsettling. Although I was able to buy it in the travel size so it did pack better than all of my brushes, I would not reccomend this product. WASTE YOUR MONEY: HERE ($20)

Smashbox ‘Studio Skin’- This was a product that I bought purely because of the name, and didn’t do my research on. It’s subline is “15 hour wear hydrating foundation” and while I will say that it does look good once it’s set and on for a few hours, it applies HORRIBLY. I don’t have ‘bad’ skin, I just prefer a bit more coverage in my foundation. While I’m used to using two pumps to cover my whole face with other liquid foundations, with this one I had to used EIGHT pumps to get the desired coverage. While that sounds like a ridiculous amount to some, it was actually the only amount that made it look even and normal. As I stated above, maybe it was a mix between the foundation and the blender, but I genuinely hate using it. Unfortunately I committed to the product so damn it I will use it!  WASTE YOUR MONEY: HERE ($42)


Hopefully this post will teach every reader to do their research before they buy any beauty products, unlike myself! I would love to hear feedback on this post- wether you agree or disagree with my best/worst!