Hi loves,

  I was recently signed to an agency (FINALLY) so my schedule has been jam packed! I feel like I have so much stuff to blog about I don’t even know where to start! I’ve been wanting to do an accessories blog for quite some time, and wanted to share my favorite outfit essentials..so without further adieu!



 I’ve been semi obsessed with collecting purses, especially little cross body bags like the one featured. This was an UNBELIEVABLE find! I found it online on a website called Shein.com and the price? only $20. I mean really, this is a freaking steal! This makes for a perfect night-out-bag, because the size is just enough to fit your phone and Saturday night essentials. The front clip and gold chain are beautiful and the quality is suprisingly beautiful!


If you’re like me and think that you can’t really rock hats, then you need to just quit your pity party right now and find one of the little girly cowboy hats asap rocky. I snagged mine at H&M for like $30 but it’s on sale for $19. I seriously wear it a little too much! It’s so easy to dress up an outfit with a hat, and plus it’s so California. It also translates well throughout the seasons; you could pair it with shorts and a tee, or with a sweater for those windy NYC days (I’m always buying winter clothes for the possibility that I’d be going up to the city in the winter.) Regardless of the season, it’s a necessity!


I’m a newbie on the jewelry train, mostly because I only wear like 6 pieces every single day and always forget to change them out. Anyways, this watch is from SPGBK and it’s just a solid vegan (that’s fancy for faux) suede with a plain white face and gold writing. I didn’t take any close up photos of it, but you can see it on my Insta! The company was nice enough to send me two watches, and I love them! They’re also perfect gift because they’re not too pricey but still amazing quality!


Any big zippy wallet- clutch is great for when you’re just running out of the house and don’t feel like lugging around a huge purse- say a quick run to the grocery store, or brunch with the girls. Be warned though, there is high risk you’ll forget it on isle 5 near the toothpaste…or maybe that’s just me.. this is the priciest thing on this list at $805 from Louis Vuitton but you can find something like this herehere, and here.


I actually don’t know specifically where the necklace pictured was purchased since it was a gift from my brother! I love dainty jewelry like this one where it splits into two ends and has rhinestone embelleshment (they’re obviously not real diamonds.) If you’re looking for dainty and customized jewelry check out  Walk Barefoot Jewelry, a good friend of mine hand makes them, and I actually had her custom make pieces for me! They were stunning and I highly recommend! The price is higher, but that’s because of the quality and the fact that they are custom made. Cheaper options are here and here.  Jewelry like this dresses up any outfit, and adds a little girly sparkle to your ensemble entirely.

Hope you guys liked this post!