Good morning!

I Had a super early shoot this morning with Shore and my favorite brand manager Lindsey both styled and did all the photography (she’s a strong indpendang woman and she don’t need no assistant) anyways it was so much fun! We went to the Sarasota Tea House where we got a pot of Apple Cinnamon tea and I got to play around in the quant and cozy storefront; originally the building was a house, so it has a standard house layout, but they put a bunch of chairs and pillows everywhere- it’s definitely the cool-girl’s spot to study. We got the shot within 2 hours and it was just wonderful. After we finished shooting we sat there for a few moments and of course I started getting a little silly! So here are a few post-shoot-pics (behind the scenes) of the perfect little spot!

imageimage image image image image


Now I’m currently on the way to brunch with a fellow model (yes we do eat) and then it’s off to enjoy the rest of my day off!