So my loves,

In the midst of the holidays I just haven’t been wanting to blog because there is so much happening! So I got bit by the travel bug once again, and caved. Tickets have been booked…Manhattan here we come!!! Plot twist; it’s a GIRL’S WEEKEND! Being in a committed relationship going on a girls weekend bender is kind of a big deal *tears* I’m so beyond excited! I’m going with two of my favorite gal pals Katlin and Ashley, both of which I’ve blogged about in previous posts. Any ways, we leave the 7th which is officially 2 weeks from today!! Despite the high temps in Sarasota I’ve been going through my closet and picking out the best of the best winter outfits..cause honey it’s going to be chillllayyyy compared to our 80 and sunny here. We’re staying at the Omni on 5th and Madison which is beautiful AND we’re going to do some major damage to our bank accounts?

I’ll be following up on a couple different things within the time before our trip like:

How I pack/travel essentials/favorite outfits

#TBT : Here’s some old pictures of last years adventures in Manhattan?