I’ve been such a freak about my skin regimen lately as everyone should be, your skin is the only one you have so take care of it! Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and young forever!

  • Sun Damage

Your tan is really cute up until you hit 50 and look like a leather couch! Seriously I do everything I can to stay out of the sun, including applying sunscreen every day. Try finding an spf based foundation to protect your face. Don’t forget to apply it into your hands because they age too! If you’re craving a tanned glow, go to zoom tan or invest in St. Tropez tanning lotion!

  • Facial Creams

I did a drug store haul and got Lóréal Revitalift night cream as well as the Lóréal Revitalift eye cream. I used both products daily but didn’t really see any difference in the way my skin looked. I also got Fresh face products for Christmas and I’m totally swooning over them! The face cream and eye rub are killer..talk about being fresh faced! I could literally see the glow in my face days after using the product. It’s pricy but I 100% prefer Fresh!!! Don’t waste your money on cheap skin products…they’ll will just take up space in your bathroom!

  • Night Routine

Leaving your makeup on before you go to sleep is like asking the Pore Gods for craters on your face. Find a makeup remover wipe that doesn’t irritate your skin (some really make your face tingle) then use a face-wash with a creamy base (like Fresh) which will ensure a clean face. You can follow up with exfoliating, but too much of anything is bad, so only do it every other day!



  • Loreal

Revitalift Eye Treatment $24.99

Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer $24.99

Revitalift Intensive Overnight Mask $24.99

  • Fresh

Soy Face Cleanser $38

Anti-Aging Black Tea Face Moisturizer $90

Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream $43

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