This time of year is my absolute favorite, the sun is out and there’s a breeze. Literally the definition of “sunny and 75.” Only problem is, there are way too many tourists in SRQ to actually enjoy the beach, so after a healthy Avo&Egg toast breffus & some WERK at the gym, my best bud and I packed up my  little red fiat and turned it into a beach-mobile &went out for a Boca Adventure. It’s the kind of place where everyone leaves their windows down when they park, “it’s kosher over here” as Ash says. We hung out with some Boca natives, who are all hippies by the way. After a while Ash walked me around town, and took me out for ice cream at the Loose Caboose.. something about kinis and ice cream cones just makes me happy! We of course took photos galore, so here are some of them! 

  1. Suit Details: Minimale Animale “The Bandit Top” ($120) and “The Bandit Bottoms” ($115)


(That snapchat quality though)