It’s that time of the year, we’re all stressing about the gifts we give our loved ones.

My personal struggle was shopping for Dave, who literally has anything he could think of, so the basic gift giving guide really didn’t do much for me. When it comes to shopping for the dude who has everything, I really had to think outside of the box. Here’s a list of obscure- but good gift ideas to give your guy this christmas.

  • ManCrates

This is like a male equivalent to Ipsy, it’s an all inclusive package that has lots of uber manly things. There’s options to choose from like Beer, Outdoor, Eating, you name it they have it. You can even get it personalized. This gift is perfect for any budget, starting as low as $20.

  • Bar Cart

I personally love this idea especially if your guy loves to drink his own mixies, although this could be a bit expensive, it’s a super thoughtful gift. You can complete it with a mixology set from Brookstone and an automatic wine opener, throw in some stainless steel martini glasses and voila you’ve got yourself your own personal bartender.

  • Travel Accessories 

The goal for me was to give a gift that Dave would never think of on his own, so a Passport cover seemed like a perfect fit for that. Your dude can travel in style with some luxury passport holders from anywhere like Louis Vuitton, Goyard, or McM. Add a personal touch by getting their initials engraved in it, and leave a cute note in there to make it a little more special.

  • Play Personal Shopper

Dudes love having other people pick out their clothes, especially if it’s someone they’re interested in…hello, you’re the one he’s trying to impress anyways. Spend a day together and help him put together outfits you’d like to see him wear, it’s a double sided gift because you get to play with your own personal ken doll, and he gets to be fawned over by you.


PSA- I didn’t ruin any surprises by writing this; I’m allowed to be spilling the beans about the gifts I got Dave because we had christmas early this year since he went home for the holidays!

Hope you enjoyed my tips for last minute gifts for the guy who has everything..


Merry Christmas!