I am by no means writing a blog about traveling light because honestly fuck that. I don’t travel light whatsoever, I t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ know I packed 12 shoes for one week. To anyone who rolled their eyes at that, jokes on you because this trip just got 3 times longer.(Who’s the smart one now?) Instead of getting on our flight home to Denver, we booked flights to New Zealand for a week instead.

The thought process was this: we flew 8 hours from Denver to Maui, it’s a 9 hour flight from Maui to NZ- somewhere we’ve always wanted to go.. why not just go now instead of flying across the country for 18 hours?!

So back to my opening line, I’m not trying to promote packing light, I just simply didn’t plan for this, so I’d like to personally thank Jesus for the laundry service at the Four Seasons Maui.

Anyways, we couldn’t stop there because after two seconds of perusing the Expedia app we found that we could fly to Australia for the low, so that’s booked too. I’m super stoked. So we have a layover in Honolulu tonight then the journey begins tomorrow!

TBH, I’m so excited to share the vlog, we got some really amazing footage.

K off to the airport for our 34 minute flight, el oh el.

Mahalo xx