I don’t actually know what’s gotten into me but I’ve suddenly fallen in love with the design/ decor concept. PERHAPS it’s due to the itch I’m getting about furnishing our new apartment in South Beach but whatever the reasoning behind it is, doesn’t really matter.

We stumbled upon the most darling restaurant in Darling Harbor (no pun intended fml) after we “chartered” a boat – that’s an entirely different story and all I can say is: Sorry David…- and were in major need of a tall glass of rosé.

The place was called The Port and it was the cutest find.

This was only the inside, by the way. The entirety of the front of the restaurant was nothing but couches precisely lined up with the Harbour itself.


(All photos were personally taken by me, unless stated otherwise.)

Now you can understand why I fell in love with this place. If you ever make your way to AUS, this is in my top 10.