….and it’s freaking awesome.

I was eating skoosh (sushi- duh) with D and I noticed a little store-front across the street called Live Love Lash. My first thought was how could a store run itself entirely on eyelashes? Is that even a good business plan? What if the trend goes out of style? Are we seriously going to glue shit to our eyeballs for all of eternity? We all know a ton of celebrities who get them like Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, Megan Fox but are they really worth it?

All of these questions led to one conclusion: I need to try it.

So I did a little research, and set up and appointment. I figured I’d be a good candidate because I have REALLY blonde facial features, so much so, that I closely resemble a naked mole rat when I skip the mascara wand.

Fast forward to my appointment, you fill out what feels like a 20 page form telling your stylist everything from what makeup products you use, all the way to how many days a week you use them. The purpose is to give the stylist all the information possible so that she can let you know if some of your products will create an irritation; because obviously that would be the worst.

Finally you’re taken into a tiny room and you settle down into the plushest bed, faux fur covers and all- and settle down for a nice 90 minute nap. Ha. Just kidding, although she said most people fall asleep while gluing 190 lashes to your individual lashes, I found it impossible because that shit hurt. My eyes stung and watered the whole time but when the deed was finally done I was so happy with the result!

Even though I’d only done a half set (I didn’t want a full glam right away) there was a distinct difference in my lashes!

The girls at Live Love Lash were so nice and answered all my questions, if you’re in the Denver area I’d highly recommend!

Here are the B/A: