Moving to Miami seems really glamorous to the naked eye, and believe me in some ways it is! There are some really touristy things happening here though, and if you ask me, I’d rather be hanging out with my dog. So if you’re planning a trip to Miami here are the Worst things about Miami IMO:

WYNWOOD WALLS – Okay, I appreciate art and the fantasy behind it. I don’t however enjoy walking around in the 95° sweltering heat. Let’s face it, Wynwood isn’t exactly the glitziest part of town, and quite frankly not where I like to spend my time. I know there are a lot of cool backdrops to take pics, but everyone does that!  IF you do go to Wynwood though, at least stop at Mr. Kream!


SOUTH BEACH – This is pretty obvious, unless you’re going to Swim Week  or a bachelorette party it’s not that fun, at least from a resident’s point of view. I HATE going over there. People are always trying to sell you on coming into their club. Just like please stop talking to me dude.  If you absolutely have to go, stop at Market for the kale salad, it’s bombbbbb.


CHICK FIL A – WHERE ARE YOU??? The nearest CFA is 25 minutes away in Coral Gables. This is not ok. No but really, one of the biggest problems has been that there are no really healthy American restaurants here. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new food but it’s obviously very culturally heavy here. I miss my fav True Food Kitchen in Denver.

Okay, rant over. I’ve had the pleasure to get dragged to both the Wynwood Walls and SoBe this past week thanks to these two beauties🙃


Don’t forget to follow them on IG for more pics:  @katlinthompson and @lizzypluta !