WOW! I can’t believe I haven’t written in so long

Life has been crazy lately. With craziness comes stress, and with stress comes…you guessed it, wrinkles. I had been wanting to get botox for some time, and found a really talented doctor here in Miami. Some of you may be taken aback by this statement, seeing as I’m 22 and the amount of collagen in my face has probably peaked. However, it’s preventative and quite satisfying. Anyways, I love a good, stiff face so I had Dysport injected into my forehead and I had Restylane injected under my eyes to help with the collagen loss and  bags under my eyes.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I loved it!! My doctor was very talented and totally achieved the look I was going for. It was a little painful under my eyes because I could feel the needle against my nose and it made me nauseous. The forehead wasn’t painful at all.

The problem was, that I was so used to using my forehead when showing expression -but couldn’t move it (duh) – and I found myself doing this odd flaring of my nostrils which wasn’t cute. That was the worst of the Dysport.

The Restylane under my eyes was a different story. After 5 months or so, the filler started to dissolve, leaving a perfect little lump under each eye. Obviously the dissolution is normal, but it meant that I would have to have it redone. Which cost a pretty penny.

The fact that I practically had to beg Dave to let me get it done (he believes in natural beauty LOL), the cost, and my age I’m just not ready to do it again. It’s like having your hair bleached.. looks amazing for a couple months and then all of a sudden, your roots are in desperate need of a touch up.

I know it may seem like a fashionable thing, but TBH I wouldn’t recommend it unless you REALLY need it.

Here is my B/A. (I’m really cute without makeup on, I know LOL)

Happy New Years!

XX, Eden Kate


ADDITIONAL FUN: Check out what I looked like an hour after the injection…











Bruised AF. It really looked like I was getting two black eyes, and this was just the beginning! After two days I couldn’t leave the house because I was so swollen!