Good morning! It’s Valentine’s Day! Am I the only one who doesn’t get totally worked up about this day? I’m happy with a bouquet of roses and some chocolate.

Look, I’m all for designer swimwear and in most cases I’ll go for quality over quantity. However, there’s nothing worse than putting on a wet bikini when you’re on vacation so I always try to bring as much swimwear as possible. When that’s the case, I don’t want to be spending hundreds of dollars on a single top or bottom. I found this grey swimsuit on SHEIN for $10! Websites like Shein & Zaful have turned into a HUGE market for cheap clothing, and accessories.

I also love adding jewelry to a swimwear look, and these necklaces do the layering work for you. It was only $4???? Of course I had to have it!

Below are some more Adorable but Affordable pieces:

Are you into this bikini trend? Sound off in the comments!

XX, Eden Kate