Hi all!

This summer has been a whirlwind. Yes, we finally just got back from our Tour “a la Francais” and  it was fabulous. We stayed in Saint Tropez for the first leg, Monaco for a few days and finished up in Antibes!

Full disclosure: it was supposed to be a “Boy’s Trip” but, you couldn’t keep me away from France if you tried! We experienced a few of the same things, (there is only so many times you can walk past Chanel without crying – I didn’t go in ONCE!) but we did get to experience some new things like clubbing. I think it must be a common misconception that Saint Tropez is insane in the party department. Maybe it was just an off year but…it was…low key to say the very most.

I’m very happy we went to Monaco, although we will not be returning any time soon. Not that we had any bad experiences, it was just small. Despite the number of fabulous shops, the SA’s at many stores were rude and unhelpful. Never the less, it was a lot of fun in the sense that we had never been there and were happy to take in the scenery!

Antibes was my very favorite, similar vibe to Saint Tropez. It almost didn’t feel like France at all in a good way! The town seemed almost normal and the restaurants were great! We ate at a restaurant on the beach – like literally tables are in the sand- called Les Pirates twice in two days. If you should ever find yourself in Antibes I’d highly recommend it!

I get TONS of questions about where I got all my outfits for this trip so I’ll create a blog for that to follow.

Checkout my favorite pictures from the trip!