Working with a beautiful resort on a tropical island sounds like a dream, and truthfully, it was. The grounds were perfectly manicured. Lush trees and flowers littered every corner. The staff was smiling, friendly, tentative. Every guest had a big smile on their face, and a bigger drink in hand.

Beau Rêve is a curated influencer collaboration company that allows young women to travel with the ability to feel safe, and create necessary content while meeting other like-minded women. They work exclusively by invitation only, so when I got the email from them, you can imagine my excitement.

The team at Beau Rêve had a litany of activities scheduled for us, ensuring that we would get to experience every wonderful opportunity Antigua has to offer.

I cannot even begin to explain my gratitude, working with BR not only allowed me to get creative, but introduced me to a group of 30 other women who I have made lasting connections with, from all over the country. As my OG readers know, I used to do a lot of swimsuit modeling back in the day, but traded my days in the studio for politics. However, working with BR allowed me to express myself, and reminisce on my days of being in front of the camera.

We had full days planned, each with different, insane activities. Whether it was swimming with Sting Rays, paddle boarding in South Pointe, yachting with Dream Yacht Charters, or exploring the local markets, Beau Rêve had one thing in mind, and that was allowing us to work creatively in a safe, happy environment.

If you have the chance to book at Hodges Bay, I’d highly recommend it! The hotel was also deemed one of the “Best new hotels around the world” by Travel & Leisure Magazine. You might meet the local kittens at breakfast, one named Hodges, the other named Bay.

While we were there, the hotel had debuted The Giant Space Man, Commander Boonji, which was in collaboration with Axiom Space, the world’s first commercial space station. If you’d like to orbit the earth, you can purchase a mission seat here, for their next tour, for $55 million each.

While there, I worked with some wonderful companies including Yannery Burgos.