The group chat started blowing up in an effort to plan a birthday trip for a girlfriend of mine, Taylor. She had decided to ring in her 25th rotation around the sun by gathering 14 of our friends for a girls trip in the Caribbean.

We booked a villa called “Everything Nice” and the 14 of us were ready to roll, it was all systems Go for “Jamaican Me TayTay” (see what I did there…)

Of course, upon arrival, we were met with sunshine and rum punches, the staff was preparing our first night’s dinner, which had a theme of course (each dinner had its own theme actually) – “The South Of France.”

Despite the fact that we were being served exotic meals prepared specially for us by the chef, we were more interested in the local food, “Beef Patties.” Subsequently, now, it’s become a running joke – “beef patty me.”

We had lots of activities planned: jet skiing, ATVs, horseback riding, etc, but the most fun was when we as a group of young, established women from all over the country, sat around and played “UNO” for hours.

There’s just nothing like spontaneous trips with your friends, and this was one I will never forget. Happy Birthday Tay!!!