The notorious Fashion Week has come and gone; Streets littered with the world’s most fashionable, from New York to Milan.

That rhymed.

Yes, every designer you can imagine, Rick Owens, Versace, Ailïa, Schiaparelli, and a million more donned this season’s latest looks for FW22 and SS23.

To translate, these runways depict the incoming styles we can foresee all along the East Side of Manhattan (and everywhere else, for that matter) this Fall and coming Spring. If you watch closely enough, you can spot color palettes, design trends, all of them. If you want to stay ahead of the game, study these shows!

Now, it’s no secret that ‘Couture’ and ‘Ready To Wear’ are incredibly different. Couture is usually, what we, in the fashion industry, call, ‘Camp.’ Couture shows are meant to be flamboyant, and fantastical; it’s art in its truest form. It’s creating an item – wearable or not – that makes you feel something. It’s a form of expression, like music, painting, or sex.

The Ready To Wear category mostly consists of beautifully made clothes that you’ll often spot on celebrities only weeks after seeing their debut on the runway. Ready To Wear is the cool, ‘accessible’ sister of old-school Couture Runway shows.

Now, I know you think I’m blabbing, but that information is pertinent, as you have to understand that some of these clothes are not really meant to be worn at all. They’re just art!

I often feel the need to defend fashion in the name of ‘Fashion’s’ sake. Of course, there’s always someone who shouldn’t be giving outfit advice at all, sneering, ‘I would never wear that!’

Without further adieu, here are 10 looks fresh off the Runway, that will absolutely make you feel something. It might be hate. It might be love. But I know you’re intrigued.

Ok, fine, that was way more than 10.

Which ones did you hate? Which ones did you laugh at? Hopefully, at least one.