Truthfully, we all look to each other for inspiration, ideas, and outfits.

No that’s not me. That’s Morgan Stewart, who has been my personal style inspiration since I was a teenager, back when she was still a hooligan. I related to her then, and I relate to her now. She always found a way to nail my style, more eloquently than I could!

How many times has it been said:

“Girls don’t dress for boys, and we don’t dress for ourselves. We dress for each other.”

Have you ever walked down the street in an outfit you were proud of and gotten complimented? Not in the cat-call kind of way, but a true, genuine, whole-hearted compliment from a non-threatening stranger? It’s the best feeling, the highest grade of compliment: your style. Ugh.

Although I do take notes from some celebrities for style inspiration because they’re often backed by a well-budgeted, and talented stylist, I don’t follow ‘mega-celeb’ fashion all that closely, because it’s never really theirs.

The thing about style is, you don’t have to have notoriety or fame to have it. Regular people walk down the street every day with new inventive ways to wear things.

You’re never ugly, you’re just under-budgeted.

If you see me on the street or sitting on a stoop filming, it’s for 2 reasons:

1. TikTok.

2. Their outfit resonated with me on a very personal level.

What people wear is an expression of themselves, and who they want to be. When you see someone in an outfit you really admire, or you’d wear, it’s hard not to feel analogous to them. Surely you have some things in common if you’re dressed similarly. Fashion does that. It connects people.

Anyway, the point is, do you want to find really cool girls? The real style icons? Here they are.

Abby Giraffe

Morgan Stewart

Olivia Palermo

Christine Quinn

Nil Ninat

Olsen Twins

Leonne Hanne

Me – Eden, Duh

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