‘No Longer About Design Or Innovation’ – TikTok Influencers Slam Louis Vuitton’s Sparkle Shoe Influencer Campaign

TikTok user Inamari Maki took to her 35.7k followers to obliterate luxury brand Louis Vuitton for their unoriginal designs, claiming their new influencer activation was just about making money, while simultaneously defending the influencers who are selling the newest addition to the fashion world: The Sparkle Toe Pump.

“You’ve probably seen Louis Vuitton do their influencer activation for their new sparkle shoe,” she begins, ‘or whatever it’s called,’ while hyper zoomed into the camera in front of a model dangling pink stilettos in the air.

Inamari didn’t shy away from opining on the matter, insouciantly muttering, ‘Looks like it’s from Aldo.’

For those who don’t know, Aldo is a very successful shoe brand, known for selling very stylish and trendy shoes at an accessible price.

She quickly defended her remarks by following up with ‘ no shade to that,’ and noted that she’s not denoting the fact that influencers are doing their job, marketing products on a platform meant for just that.

‘It’s how they make their living.’

Once she elucidated that this video was in no way made with the intention of sending hate to influencers, she shared her thoughts on how Louis Vuitton, an iconic and integral part in the LVMH wheel, which was founded in 1854, in Paris, France.

“The whole marketing around the shoe is just another reminder that major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi,” she viciously launched, Is ‘They’ve become so extremely commercialized.”

The fashion influencer went on to vent, saying, ‘They’re just about making as much money as possible on these few, super hyped, generic items.’

‘They’re no longer really about design or innovation, or being leaders in the fashion industry.’

She condemned the brand, and revealed her disappointment, ‘which is honestly really sad and disappointing.’

You can purchase the sparkle-toe pumps for a whopping $1,490.00


Inamari then goes on to showcase other luxury brands, like Prada and noted that Louis Vuitton is not the only big-name brand pushing boring products, still expecting their customers to get excited about them.

‘Like every big influencer, you probably follow has been seen wearing it,’ referencing the viral Prada Triangle Bag.

Consumers of the luxury world continue to get smarter. Gone are the days when people are willing to spend superfluous amounts of money to look like everyone else.