The hashtag #chanelhandcream has garnered over 2.3 million views on the ever-growing social media platform.

In recent years, Chanel’s prices have only gone up. So, it’s surprising to see that they’re still offering entry-level products, and they’re flying off the shelves, according to TikTok.

Even more curious though, is that those who did purchase the hand cream, which comes in a display that resembles a miniature white Faberge egg, are more than pleased with their purchase.

See, most major fashion houses certainly offer beauty products, for those of us who can’t drop $10,000 on a bag, but what makes this unusual, is that the $50 Chanel hand cream is being received quite well by the public.

Usually, when we see big name-brands pushing beauty products, it’s just another vague variant of a much cheaper product, slapped with a logo, and boom: it’s $95, see La Mer.

So, what makes this hand cream better than your tried and true Cerave or Bath & Bodyworks? According to one user, it’s ‘effective as it is elegant.’

The little pods, available in black and white, are easily tossed into your daily bag, taking up minimal space.

The La Creme Main can be purchased directly via Chanel’s online shopping experience, and you can complete the purchase with a classic Chanel box or duster. Be sure to add your 2 free samples during checkout to make the most of your purchase.

It’s quite obvious that this will be a tried and true success come Christmas, as everyone loves opening a box from Chanel.

Serena Verbon, a TikTok influencer with only 10.7k followers went viral doing an unboxing of the said beauty product, garnering 88,000 likes on just that single video.

So, obviously, I did what everyone else on planet earth would suspect – I walked my little self to the Chanel Beaute counter in SoHo.


It’s not entirely unusual for me to purchase an egg-sized $70 hand cream, which was total, after tax.

I will say, it does smell nice, and the consistency is light, but keeps your hands from cracking in the winter.

It looks really cute on my desk, and it’s fun to whip out on dates, but truthfully, any hand cream will do the job.

Do you need this? No. Is it lovely? Yes.