Superficial commenced back in 2015, honestly, just as an online diary. Since then, we’ve used it as a launchpad and beta brand builder for other clients and brands. Superficial has taken many names, Superficial Style, S.Sport, MerchMedia, KDV; but it’s always come back to one thing, and that’s writing.

Superficial has been my brainchild for some 12 years, and even now, I still find myself gnawing away at my keyboard, leaving many posts unpublished.

I still continue to share my life through the screen, although, anyone who has followed me, or the brand, can see how much we’ve evolved. Now, I continue to share my life, as the slightly more well-traveled, well-read, cultured version of myself, but lest we forget our humble beginnings. I’m still the ordinary girl with an affinity for extraordinary things – all things fashion, travel, and beauty related.

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Eden Kate Lipman



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